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Online Extra Curricular Arts Enrichment
Fall/Winter 2020
Love's Music Therapy is excited to offer expanded services for Fall 2020.

Following the success of our Camp Allegro Online Workshops this summer, we will be improving and evolving our services into extracurricular enrichment programs for the fall.


For Online Group Workshops...

Register monthly, weekly, or customize your child's workshop preference.

Full Access to Every Workshop 

Session One CLOSED:  

Please enroll from Session Two or Three

Session Two 9/28-10/23: 

Access to All 4 weeks $160.00

Session Three 10/26-11/20: 

Access to ALL 4 weeks $160.00

Register one week at a time

Session One CLOSED:  

Please enroll from Session Two or Three

Select 1 or more full Week(s):

Access to ALL 5 days for your chosen week $45.00

Customized Registration
Select your child’s preference. 

Select any two of the five weekly workshops per Session 

Session One CLOSED:  

Please enroll from Session Two or Three

Session Two $80.00

Session Three $80.00

(Once you select Customized Registration, we will reach out to confirm special access)

For Online Private Instruction...

Registration occurs on a monthly basis.

30 minute once a week lessons: K - 12
Lower, Middle School, & New Students
$35.00 per lesson 
registered and paid up front monthly
60 minute once a week lessons: Grades 7-12
For Intermediate students with previous instruction
$65.00 per lesson 
Registration & payments to be made at the beginning of each month


Allegro Arts is designed to accommodate children and young adults, ages 6-22, with and without exceptionalities. 

Our Workshop Performance Art Staff & Music & Dance Instructors are experienced, supervised, & credentialed or in training to work with children with exceptionalities.

Each workshop is supported with an independent moderator who supports from behind the scenes and is able to reach out to parents to help with accommodations or technical issues during each workshop if needed


Allegro Arts is a creative supplement to your child's regular online curriculum experience. We will be offering group workshops and private lessons.

Weekly online workshops will focus on vocal music, instruments, theatre, and dance. 

Weekly individual one-on-one lessons with a specialized Instructor




Online Group Workshops

Currently offering 3 sessions

for this Fall. 

Workshop sessions begin 

Aug. 31 & run through Nov. 20 


       Session 1:  CLOSED
       Session 2: 9/28-10/23
       Session 3: 10/26-11/20

Workshops take place every afternoon M-F. See schedule for more details. 

Online Private Lessons

Private lessons are available Aug. 31-Dec. Schedule your child's weekly lesson on an individual basis with each instructor. 

Group Workshop Schedule


4:30-5:15 CST

Sing It Out!

Song writing and vocal workshop with sing along time and collaborative creation. 


4:30-5:15 CST

Relaxation Time

Time to relax and meditate in a kid friendly space with music and a focus on imagery.


5:00-5:45 CST

Let's Dance!

Dance and movement workshop to get active and creative together virtually.


4:30-5:15 CST

Instrument Safari

Hands-on design projects with step-by-step instruction to build at home instruments to jam out with or music creation through the exploration of cool music technology & apps.


4:30-5:15 CST

Story Telling

Script writing and storytelling theatre based experience. 

Weekly Private Lessons

Allegro Arts is pleased to offer one-on-one arts enrichment with qualified instructors. Schedule your child’s weekly private lesson on an individual basis with each instructor. Individual Instruction registration occurs on a montly basis.

Private lessons are available in the following areas of study:



Catherine Comardelle



Darcy Kummerow

Alexandria Ingram



Ryan Pennington



Jazz/Pop: Ryan Pennington

Classical: Jeremy Love

Watch the five minute video below to learn more about Allegro Arts!

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